What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Hands Free Dog Leash?

Have you ever considered whether or not a hands free dog leash might be appropriate for you as well as your dog? 

Well, don’t worry as in this article, we will focus on discussing the benefits as well as drawbacks of using a hands free dog leash for your dog.


Hands free dog leash provides several advantages.

The primary advantage of this kind of dog leash is that it does not need your hands to hold it.

All that you need is to attach it to a belt that you wear around your waist instead. As a result, walking your dog won’t put any pressure on your wrists, hands, shoulders, or arms. 

1.Taking Well-Behaved Dogs On A Walk

Well-behaved dogs that already know how to walk on a leash nicely are ideal candidates for a hands-free experience. 

You’ll be able to walk them beside your stroller, go shopping with your dog, stop for coffee, hike, or just have a hands-free stroll around your neighborhood or park.

2.Running With Your Dog On A Hands Free Dog Leash

Many dogs pull while they’re strolling beside us, but did you know that they pull much less when they’re running alongside us? Whenever you think about it, they move a lot quicker on their paws than we do on our feet, this makes sense.

A hands free dog leash may come in handy if you’re ready to start ramping up the pace with your dog and take him jogging. Perhaps you and your dog are already joggers, but you’d rather not carry the leash with you on your runs.

3.Practising Courteous Leash Walking Skills Inside

There’s no better as well as easier time to learn courteous leash walking skills than inside your own house. That’s because there aren’t many distractions at this place. For instance, you would not walk by other dogs or fast-moving and small animals like cats, rabbits, or squirrels. 

All that you need is to wear the hands free dog leash inside your house and allow your dog to follow you wherever you go. 

You’ll have your hands free to reward your dog with treats. This is considered to be the best part. Also, you get the opportunity to capture cute photos of your furry companion with you. 


Along with the positives, hands-free leashes has some drawbacks as well: 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Hands Free Dog Leash

Now let’s look at the disadvantages of using a hands-free dog leash.

  1.You Don’t Have Much Control

They’re not suitable for individuals who are overweight or weaker than the dogs they walk with. 

Even if the dog does not normally pull, a squirrel sighting or anything similar may trigger the dog to make a quick, abrupt action, which can result in falling as well as injuries. 

  2.It’s More Difficult To Walk Dogs Who Pull A Lot

Walking dogs that pull a lot on a hands free dog leash isn’t a smart idea. Unless you intend to do canicross, it won’t be a pleasant experience. 

Even if the dog you’re walking doesn’t weigh you, his pulling may cause severe back problems.

Final Words

So, do you think a hands-free leash would be a suitable match for you and your dog? The thing is that it depends completely upon you. Choose it, if you are sure that you can manage this well.

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