PCI compliance doesn’t apply to ACH Payment Processing, but to utilize a processing platform that is PCI DSS Level 1 certified certainly doesn’t hurt security measures around your ACH origination method. NACHA doesn’t have an established security certification process like the credit card world does, but they do require that processes, controls and […]

La rilevazione di sorveglianza ostile e’ una delle poche tecniche di sicurezza che consentono di anticipare un pericolo e come il nome suggerisce, di identificare un individuo od un gruppo che tenta di ottenere informazioni, mettendo un cliente (obiettivo) sotto sorveglianza. Il vantaggio principale di questa tecnica, come strumento di […]

From large-scale consumer data breaches to an unprecedented foreign attack on the 2016 U.S. presidential election, public and private institutions are increasingly being called upon to better secure their data. With so much uncertainty and vulnerability related to data protection, one thing is clear: As cyber criminals become more sophisticated, […]

For anyone in the dentistry profession or about to start their Practice, the term “dental accountant” should not sound alien. Dental accountants provide accounting services to dental practitioners, and they also offer tax planning management and business advice. By hiring a dental accountant or regularly consulting with one, you can […]