Why Tooth Whitening?

Tooth whitening also referred to as bleaching is an excellent way to get bright and beautiful smile. It helps in removing discoloration and stains with the simple process of bleaching. Tooth whitening helps to enhance the color of natural tooth enamel and make it look whiter. Teeth whitening melbourne process is basically done by In-surgery laser teeth whitening technique or Home teeth-whitening trays system. Both the procedures involve bleaching using a peroxide-based compound. The strength of peroxide may vary between 3%-30% depending upon the individual case.

Whiter teeth are a major aesthetic concern and have become an integrated part of the cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening help in getting a whiter and healthier smile and a great appearance. It is an excellent solution to get rid of discoloration caused due to consumption of products, such as coffee, tea, colas, wines, and tobacco. Excessive fluoride may also lead to discoloration and tooth whitening can help to remove it.

teeth whitening melbourne
teeth whitening melbourne

What Are The Benefits Of Tooth Whitening?

  • Excellent solution for Stained teeth caused due to medication
  • Helps to remove discoloration caused due wear-tear of outer tooth layer
  • Helps to make yellow, brown, and strained teeth whiter and brighter
  • Helps in cosmetic enhancement and smile makeover

What Is The Procedure Of Tooth Whitening?

The procedure of tooth whitening is completed in two appointments. During the first visit the impression of the teeth structure is taken to develop the trays. During the second appointment the patients is made to wear the trays to check the fit. The patient is supposed to wear the trays with special whitening solution for 30 minutes twice a day. The patient can also wear it overnight depending upon the staining or discoloration. Some of the patients may experience tooth sensitivity during tooth whitening. Tooth whitening is a not permanent but it last long if the person avoid smoking, drinking coffee, tea, or wine and maintain a good oral health.

Precautions for Tooth Whitening

We take all the precautions during the tooth whitening procedure to protect your gums and lips from bleaching. If you are planning to go for a home whitening kits then it is advisable to carry out the procedure under the guidance of the dentist as high concentration of peroxide can burn the gums and lips.

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