Save Money Off New or Used On-Site Caravan Prices

Are you and your family looking to escape from your normal daily routine, while not missing out on your highly valued home comforts?

Why not join others like you, and take the life-changing decision to start enjoying a new lifestyle by discovering the freedom, fun, and flexibility offered when you buy your own static caravan holiday home.

Just imagine, an escape route that’s great for everyone, parents, children, grandparents, friends, and family. You will be able to take a totally spontaneous holiday break as quickly as saying… “Let’s GO!”

Escape to the beach with your family and friends, there are Holiday Parks to choose from.

No matter if you’re a first-time buyer imagining a new lifestyle experience that owning your own caravan holiday home could bring, or if you’ve previously owned a caravan and are now ready to upgrade to a more modern designed unit, We can help you to find the on-site caravan for sale of your dreams.

Caravan holiday homes provide excellent accommodation and facilities for family holidays at any time of the year but are particularly enjoyable during nice, hot sunny weather. They offer owners the chance to get away from it all, especially with the expense involved in families going on holidays overseas from Australia these days.

Caravans Sale

Owning a static caravan as a holiday retreat is an exciting proposition for many people.

Modern static caravan holiday homes are designed to create a home from home environment and lifestyle, featuring modern fixtures and fittings, and built using modern, high-tech construction techniques. Models are available with good insulation, double glazing, and built-in central heating. The choices available to any potential holiday home owner can be quite overwhelming and at times mind-blowing.

Your preferred choice of static caravan holiday home will very much depend upon your own family requirements and, of course, your budget. If you follow the information guide on our website you should discover the lifestyle you are seeking and an exciting holiday destination for many years to come.

Most customers looking for static caravan holiday homes will search for the right holiday park prior to making a choice on the actual model and specification of a caravan. Finding the right holiday park, that suits your individual needs is absolutely vital to successful long-term ownership.

Once you have decided on the holiday park your next focus will be on the selection of a caravan model. Most parks offer an extensive choice as they deal with a number of manufactures. Buying a static caravan and having it sited on a holiday park will normally be carried out through their sales representative rather than directly from the manufacturer.

Many buyers start by requesting brochures directly from manufactures to enable them to research specific models and specifications, much in the same way as you would if buying a car. Most leading manufacturers display at caravan exhibitions, so if you prefer to actually see the caravan this option is available for you. Many holiday parks display static caravans for sale as and when available.

These days, static caravan holiday homes are manufactured using only the highest quality materials, and utilize modern construction techniques and are designed to suit holiday use rather than full-time habitation.

Static caravan holiday homes normally come in one or two sections and can be up to as large as 22ft wide and 60ft long. A one-piece model is called a single unit and a two-piece model is known as a twin. Generally, a twin model is assembled on site.

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