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Losing a tooth or two can have a big effect on your look especially if you happen to lose your front teeth. Having missing teeth is not only extremely visible, but may have the effect of adding years to your overall look.

If you have lost your teeth due to an accident or any other unfortunate event, you can restore your tooth as well as regain your confidence through an implant. It also does not matter whether you lost your teeth through illness, decay or genetic reasons, we will restore your natural look and great smile.


Although there are a number of options available such as bridging or using a removable denture, an implant remains the best method by far. Being a permanent option, dental implants offer the closest solution to having real teeth. If they are placed professionally, they look as natural as your real teeth. They also remove the hassle of having to remove temporary teeth all the time. This gives you the freedom to enjoy your life without thinking about your teeth.

Dental implants Doncaster also give you the freedom to eat your favourite food while still maintaining your teeth in place. The implant surgical procedure attaches the new teeth to the roots and over time interlocks them with the bone, giving them a firm foundation.

We offer the best dental implant service Blackburn North. We have build a solid reputation as the most preferred implant centre by maintaining high standards on every dental implant service we have undertaken.

Dental implants Doncaster
Dental implant

With a highly qualified team led by the well regarded dental expert, we have provided the implant service to numerous satisfied customers. Supported by the state-of-the-art equipment, our team thrives on providing exceptional service to our clients. Bearing in mind that dental implants Doncaster are not suitable in all circumstances, we recommend you first see a dentist to determine the best solution for your case.

Our team of dental professionals is also at hand to do an examination and recommend the right method for restoration of your teeth. A dental implant can only be carried out on a person with a fully developed set of teeth and is not suitable for children. Dr Vivek Handa also has to clear any dental issues you may have before giving the go ahead for the surgical procedure. Further, the dentist has to look at your jaw, take some x-rays and be satisfied you are a good candidate for a dental implant.

If you are cleared for the procedure, you have to be physically and mentally prepared for the process. After the dental implants have been placed, you should also be aware that the healing process takes months. You will also be required to undergo regular checks to confirm that everything is in order. The end results should however provide you with the motivation for going through the entire process.

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