How To Pass Driving Test First Time

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions, if not the most asked question here at Search For Online driving lessons Queensland is about how you can pass the driving test first time.

The standard reply from most driving instructors is for you not to be concerned about passing first time, and that learning to drive safely in order to pass your test is the best thing you should do. However it’s not always what you want to be hearing and to be fair to the driving instructor it is the correct answer however they could give you a better answer, and in this article that is what we are going to be looking at.

Where most learner drivers get it wrong is that they think they have a chance of kidding the driving examiner. No driving examiner is going to be fooled, though recently some were bribed which led to a police prosecution.

The driving examiner is a government official and many are former driving instructors. They will make you feel welcome and share a few words of you to try and relax you but you are under test conditions and they are analyzing how you drive. They need to see if you have what it takes to drive in different conditions without the assistance of a driving instructor or a full driving licence holder who has held their licence for at least 4 years. Some of the routines and driving you should expect to cover are reversing; an emergency stop, driving in traffic, built up areas and faster roads with a national speed limit such as a dual carriageway.

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Some learner drivers will also badger and push their driving instructor into taking a test, sometimes booking a test without the consent (not that officially you need it) or the knowledge of the instructor. Once the driving instructor finds out and discovers this they are unlikely to go to the driving test with you. Firstly there is the safety aspect, they do not think you are ready to pass the driving test and then there is their availability, what if they have a test booked that day already? Perhaps they have another lesson scheduled at the same time or maybe they are not working that day.

This would leave the learner driver looking for emergency cover and ringing around driving schools to find someone to step in at the last minute. Most instructors and schools will be reluctant to help you unless they knew you had a valid reason, such as your instructor was sick or on holiday and your instructor could validate this. Driving instructors were not born yesterday and will seldom give up their car for your driving test. You have to remember they are very safety conscious people and also you are putting their car at risk without them seeing you drive. At the very least you will have to take some additional online driving lessons Queensland with them.

Now of course if you really do think you are ready for your driving test but your instructor thinks otherwise there is nothing from stopping you getting a second opinion, but only book a driving test with the consent of the driving instructor.

You could actually use your own car but that car needs to be road legal, which means you have the insurance documents for it saying you are a provisional licence holder and that’s expensive. If you do take this option you can only drive to the driving test centre with someone and they must have a full AUS licence for at least 4 years. Then if you pass your test you cannot drive home unless you amend your insurance to say you are now a full licence holder.

To pass your driving test first time is all about preparation and that means being ready to pass. So what level of driving do you need?

Your driving instructor will issue you with a progress report card on your first lesson, if they do not ask for one as its vital for you to be able to understand your development as a learner driver.

When a new skill is shown and demonstrated to you, this is known as been introduced and the driving examiner ticks the box. Once you have mastered the skill you are now classified as being independent. You no longer need any support or assistance in the skill and you can do it alone without the need of your driving instructor. It is when all the skills are marked as independent are you truly ready to take your driving test and pass first time.

Prior to the driving test you really must be independent in all areas, you are not going to swing this by a highly trained driving instructor and the cost of failure is quite high. Take into consideration the driving test day will be around £100 or do for the day to include the hire of the car and a lesson before hand. Then you will need some remedial lessons and then you have to re book the test which could be for another couple of months.

Lets say the test is booked for two weeks time and you are not quite ready, you can either postpone your driving test or you can take extra lessons, just ask your driving instructor how many more they think you need and check their availability.

Also it is a very sensible option to take a mock test prior to your real test. Some driving instructors will pretend to be the examiner or they may have a colleague to help. A colleague, another professional driving instructor is by far the best option as you do not know them and it will be like meeting your driving examiner. If this doesn’t happen and its your regular instructor they may slip on a hi-vis vest to replicate what the examiner wears but its not the same. Ask for another instructor or you could phone a driving instructor, explain your situation and see if they can help. Although its only going to give them a small amount of business most will be happy to help in this instance.

Finally before you go into your driving test, make sure you are fully independent; have passed at least one mock exam and have been on online driving lessons Queensland where your driving instructor wasn’t needed. At this point you know you have what it takes to be worthy of a full driving licence and you will have the confidence to show the driving examiner how good you are.

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