How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Piano Move?

Residential Moving Advice

Residential moves are moves of household belongings, as opposed to office or commercial goods. Moving Company provides complete residential moving services. No job is too big or too small – from a single piano movers Edmonton to a fully furnished house. Whether you’re moving a single piece of furniture across the street or the contents of your house across the country, we can do it.

Each move is designed to meet your specific needs. We will develop a comprehensive plan, to give you the best and most convenient service at the most competitive price.

Moving Company is a full-service moving company, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will perform YOUR move within YOUR time frame

Residential – Local Moves

Local moves are short distance moves that are performed within Edmonton or nearby cities. The driving distance in a local move does not normally exceed 6 hours or 300 miles. A truck with a crew will be designated to perform your move – from start to finish.

Moves are charged at a competitive hourly rate, determined by the number of movers and trucks required for the move Calgary relocation services. We operate up-to-date vans and trucks – equipped with the latest in safety features and moving equipment.

Our main advice is to book a reliable moving company as soon as you can. Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about whether the moving company will appear on time

Calgary relocation serviceBefore the move

  • Tell your insurance companies about your move; arrange cover and review premiums at least four weeks before moving.
  • Get rid of unwanted items. Why pay us to transport junk that you don’t want? We advise that you have a Moving sale. Give them to a local charity or re-cycle where possible (ask about our Donation Service)
  • Make sure you arrange to have your post redirected in advance and that your bank, credit card companies and other organizations know about your change of address.
  • Don’t forget to update your details with the DMV. Some insurance companies refuse to pay out if your Driver’s License has an incorrect address
  • Take this opportunity to check you’re with the right supplier for your gas, electricity, cable, Internet and home phone.

Move day

  • First….have a cup of coffee! You’ll need the energy
  • When packing, make sure all boxes are securely fastened and have clear labels – their contents, which room they belong in and if special handling is needed
  • Breakable items need to be packed accordingly; bubble wrap and tissue paper are available on request. Please label the box FRAGILE.
  • Pack a survival kit – bed linen, a set of clothes, eating utensils etc.- and ensure that this is loaded last
  • Do a final check of the attic, basement, garage and garden – make sure nothing is left behind.
  • Securely lock the premises and make sure all supplies are switched off if necessary.
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