A Beginner’s Guide to Plasma Cutting Equipment

Plasma Cam equipment used to be a highly expensive luxury that only the largest automobile manufacturers and factories used to be able to afford. However, these days the price has come down significantly and they are now open to a much wider market. This is a good thing because these machines offer a lot of benefits that other cutting devices can’t match. They are easy to use and can cut at a much faster speed at a high accuracy than the others. The following will provide you with the most important information that you should know before purchasing this type of equipment.

Probably the first thing that you should think about before purchasing a piece of Plasma Cam equipment is how thick you will need the machine to cut. These devices are highly powerful, but they all have their limits. If you will only be cutting through thin sheets of metal then it is in your best interest to buy a smaller machine. After all, there is no sense in paying extra money for power you won’t be using. Another benefit offered by the smaller machines is that they are much easier to move. Most machines will tell you how thick they can cut on the packaging or description. If not, pay attention to the amps as this is what provides their power.

Plasma Cam
Plasma Cam

If you are purchasing this type of equipment for a factory or automobile repair shop that needs a high powered unit that can take a lot of use, then a high amp model is the solution. These are so large that they must remain in a stationary position when at work. They usually weigh about a hundred pounds and can be quite pricey. If your application calls for high accuracy and you can afford the best equipment that is available, you may want to invest in CNC Plasma Cam equipment which allows you to program the cutting patterns into a computer using special software.

When it comes to Plasma Cam equipment there are many different brands out there to choose from, such as Marquette, ESAB, Lincoln, and Hypertherm. Each of these companies has its own pros and cons, so the best thing to do is research each of them and see what they offer. ESAB for example, has the PowerCut 900 which features a rugged design and can drastically reduce your cost of operation. It features a deep cutting potential of 7/8 inch deep and has a convenient tool-less quick disconnect torch. This machine also comes in 1300 and 1600 models if you need something a bit more powerful.

As you can see, you have plenty of choices when you are in the market for Plasma Cam equipment. Just make sure that you do your homework ahead of time so you make the best purchase.

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